Eagles fly high at Victor Ashe Park Fall Classic

Eagles fly high at Victor Ashe Park Fall Classic

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.— Once again, the Carson-Newman cross country was paced by freshman Lachlan Dickie (Knoxville, Tenn.) as the Eagles ventured down to Knoxville to run at the Victor Ashe Park Fall Classic.

Dickie posted a 16:54.77 time in the five-kilometer run, followed by sophomore Nick Guerra's (Richardson, Texas) 18:14.84 run. Junior Patrick Stump (Leesburg, Va.) finished third with a time of 18:16.00.

Hannah Kiser led the women's team with a time of 22:12.54. Freshman Tori Gaul and sophomore Sara Honaker followed Kiser time, both within a minute of Kiser.

The Eagles compete next at the Berea Invitational in Berea, Ky. on September 20th.

Full Results: 


1 Hannah Kiser                  22:12.54

2 Tori Gaul                        22:31.61

3 Sara Honaker                23:11.61

4 Duncan Sparks               23:38.49

5 Storyie Miller                  24:06.69

6 Sarah Sharp                   24:27.85

7 Amber Farmer                25:25.57

8 Rachel Hutson                23:42.03


1 Lachlan Dickie                 16:54.77

2 Nick Guerra                    18:14.84

3 Patrick Stump                 18:16.00

4 Tyler Johnson                  18:18.54

5 Alec Bross                      18:54.48

6 Joshua Marsh                     19:28.00

7 Mark Edwards                 20:25.04