One shade of gray for new Carson-Newman cross country uniforms

One shade of gray for new Carson-Newman cross country uniforms

Gray uniform package 

JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn. – The Carson-Newman cross country program added a dab of gray to the Eagles' uniforms this season. Actually, instead of a dab, the Eagles went with an entirely gray top and bottom.

Coach Tony Parrilla unveiled the new uniforms to his team this offseason and they have been a hit with the team.

The new uniforms feature an orange and blue camouflage CN on the chest. They also received leggings to wear on colder days and matching long-sleeve tops.

"I was not expecting this. The gray with the camo. It looks great. I love it. It feels very edgy," senior runner Mark Edwards said. "A new style for a new team, a new look."

According to Edwards, the new uniforms are the first ones for the cross country program in over four years. And they were overdue.

The previous uniforms were spandex and many of the returning athletes thought not comfortable to wear.

"These are really great uniforms. They are really lightweight. A lot better than our spandex because those you had a problems when your running of them riding up," junior runner Aiyanna Martino said.

Now, Edwards thinks the team may have receive a new mental edge over their competition due to its new garbs. 

"Running is very much mental," Edwards said. "These feel great. They look great. You look good, you feel good, you race good. That's how it goes.