Sports Medicine


Sports Medicine at Carson-Newman

Athletic Training is an allied health profession that is recognized by the American Medical Association. Certified Athletic Trainers, under the direction of a licensed physician, provide health care for athletes and those who are physically active within six areas of clinical practice: prevention, clinical evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning, organization and administration and professional responsibilities.

Sports Medicine at Carson-Newman University delivers traditional athletic training and sports medicine services to Eagle and Lady Eagle student-athletes. We are committed to using whatever technology is available and affordable in the delivery of these services. We will remain committed to the continuous upgrading of the education, clinical skill development, and equipment used in the delivery of athletic training and sports medicine services so that our student-athletes will be assured of the most modern care available.

The purpose of the Sports Medicine services program is four-fold:
1. allow easy access to Sports Medicine and sports medicine services to student-athlete
2. encourage a philosophy of sport that places a high value on health and wellness
3. enable injured student-athletes to return to their sports as soon as is medically safe
4. substantially reduce the risk of athletic injury for those student-athletes in our service.

The underlying philosophy for the Sports Medicine program is that the needs of the student-athlete shall always be the first consideration for all members of the sports medicine staff. We are committed to ongoing evaluation of our Sports Medicine program so that our student-athlete can be assured of the highest quality in athletic training and sports medicine care. Furthermore, we are committed to addressing problems and concerns in a timely manner so the needs of our student-athletes and employees can continue to be met.

Finally, Sports Medicine at Carson-Newman University aspires to be a program of recognized excellence. It is our intention to support the program with human and financial resources necessary to accomplish the shared goals of the program. It is our desire to establish Carson-Newman University as one of the outstanding providers for the delivery of Sports Medicine in the nation.

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