Noah Suber pre-Humboldt State press conference transcript

VIDEO: Noah Suber Press Conference

JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn. - Carson-Newman starting quarterback Noah Suber (Asheville, N.C.) addressed the media prior to C-N's opening contest with Humboldt State.  The following is a transcription from that press conference. 


Question 1: What's it like to start your senior year as the starting Quarterback, with that kind of game and environment?

Suber: It's real exciting, either way no matter if it was Humboldt State or anybody else I feel like it would be a big game because it's one game at a time. I'm just really excited to get out here and see another jersey, I think the guys are excited as well.

Question 2: You go through camp, you hit each other for three weeks, what is it like out there to finally get out there and now it's real competition?

Suber: In camp it's us against the defense twenty-four-seven, and you kind of want to take care of your brother. So you're not going to do them like you would on an opponent so to speak. I mean I think it will be great for us just to unleash and play hard.

Question 3: You kind of sat in the wings for the past three years behind De'Andre Thomas, you seized the role as the starting Quarterback. What is the next step for you?

Suber: Sitting behind De'Andre was a great experience for me, it gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of things I didn't know on and off the field, he was a great guy and good friend to me. For me it's to come out with the same mentality, same leadership, getting the guys going, fast tempo, and just to carry on.

Question 4: What stands out to you about Humboldt State's defense?

Suber: There really big, but I feel like us as an offense we got smaller offensive lineman but they're quick, and the way we hit is quick. If there not able to change direction then it's not going to do any good.

Question 5: Is it a challenge preparing for a team like that, that only brings back one starter from last year?

Suber: Of course it's a challenge because the guys that were sitting, they're hungry as well. Cause I know how it feels when you're sitting and waiting for your chance. I know that they're hungry, and willing to work and get out there as well. So I am preparing for it like it's anybody else.

Question 6: For years we have heard that your, this Quarterback with this big cannon arm, how would you define that?

Suber: I'm more of a passer, but I like to run the ball.

Question 7: Coach Sparks and Coach Turner both have talked about your efficiency in terms of reading the option, how much would you say is that from sitting in the wings, and watching film?

Suber: I think film has a lot to do with it, De'Andre also taught me a few things, but film was the big thing. When I started to pick up when they turn their shoulders and their eyes.

Question 8: There have been times the last couple where the offenses would switch first and second team units. There would be times where you would play in the first quarter, in some key moments. How important was that for your development?

Suber: That was big as well. It gave me the opportunity to prepare for a time like this, because it wasn't like I was going in to clean up, I actually had to produce, and try to score. I think it did well.

Question 9: How has trying for you to become a vocal leader over the summer gone for you?

Suber: It's going pretty good, I really got comfortable with the team. We band together as brothers, so it makes it a whole lot easier. Just like when I'm around my family, it's not hard for me to speak, now that I'm with them they're my family. It's not hard for me to speak at all.

Question 10: Is it helpful that one of your wide receivers is Darvia DuBose who came in as a Quarterback, is it helpful that those are the people surrounding you?

Suber: Darvia, yes. He was key to the reason why I stayed here. He was my roommate as well, so we came in together and we were both Quarterbacks and we ended up rooming together. So me and him have a pretty close relationship and that makes it a lot easier.

Question 11: What have you done in your mind, that let's the rest of your team know that you are the starting Quarterback and the leader on this team?

Suber: I just tried to lead them on the field, off the field, and to make sure they are taken care of. I make sure we are in the right place and make sure they execute.

Question 12: How much would it mean have a raucous, noisy, crowd here on Thursday?

Suber: I'd love it. I love the attendance like it's a lot of people, but sometimes it's quiet. I'm looking forward to this year hopefully being rocking.        

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