2017 Southeast Region Semifinal Postgame Press Conference Transcriptions

JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn. – Queens (N.C.) head coach Denise Brolly and Carson-Newman head coach Simon Duffy along with sophomore goalkeeper Jacqueline Burns address the media after the Eagles' 2-0 victory on Sunday afternoon.

Denise Brolly Overall Statement: "I thought we fought really hard. First goal was a little soft. We've could've just rolled it back to our keeper and cleared our lines. Second goal, was questionable. I'd like to see it again. I think we fought hard. We created chances, obviously we missed the penalty. We score the penalty kick and it's a different game. I know, obviously, Carson-Newman are a great team; I'm not taking that away from them, but we did our best. We were just unlucky and, I would just say, a tad bit inexperienced on the (defense), but all of this helps us for our future."

Question 1: What do you do as a coach to encourage your team to go along?

Brolly: "That's exactly what I do, just, I don't know. Just tried by best from the sideline and, I mean, they worked their socks off, so they're not going to give up and they didn't give up. So, we're playing with one up top, you saw how she, I mean, she did really well against four defenders. So, if I'm Carson-Newman, I'd probably tighten up a little bit in the back."

Question 2: What does it mean, in your second season, to start things off with this potential run you're having?

Brolly: "Oh, it means the world to me, the players and the program, so we were really grateful, fortunate, but this is just the start for us. We hope to keep building and hopefully you'll see us again."

Question 3: What has this senior class meant to you in your two years with Queens?

Brolly: "They've meant a lot, you know, obviously. Last year, I came in in July so I didn't have much preparation time, but over the course of the year, I've only been here a year, so you can see it for yourself the difference in the team and the program. It's just the way they're responding to the coaching staff, so, again, if you had to tell me at the start of the season we would be here, I would probably laugh, but you see the character in this squad. So, we're only going to get better and stronger and this is helping us, this experience, so we thank Carson-Newman.


Simon Duffy Overall Statement: Tough task for Queens (N.C.) to come back and play us after playing two days ago. Again, it's the nature of the beast with us having the season that we did and having the bye on Friday. I thought that it was a good game and that we controlled the ball for a large majority of it. Not good football at times, but just delighted with the end result. Great save by Jackie Burns on the penalty. That's her second penalty save of the season, she had one down at Anderson as well. Big players make big plays, fantastic win.

Question 1: What did you see in Jackie Burns today that helped her collected her 23rd career shutout?

Duffy: She [Burns] just does what she does, there is nothing new for her. She, is a very calm, cool, collected player and a very talented player that understands the game. She has a good football mind and I'm not surprised that she collected the shutout victory.

Question 2: What was going on in your mind during the penalty kick?

Jackie Burns: I think the main thing is to keep it calm and not get involved with the situation with the ref. It was just important for me to stay calm, relaxed, make the save and have confidence knowing that I will make the save.

Question 3: What was the message to your team at halftime with your one goal lead?

Burns: We all knew as a team that we could play better football. That we could perform better than what we were doing in the first half. The main message to prove to ourselves what we can do, prove that we can move the ball and prove that we can actually play soccer and get another goal.

Question 4: What can you say about your back four?

Burns: I trust my back four 100 percent. I know when they will be there to make a challenge and that they will do it. The few shots that I do have to save, means that they are doing their job.

Question 5: What do you do to get ready for Columbus State?

Duffy: We will enjoy today. We will recover tomorrow, the coaching staff and I will watch game video of both us and Columbus State. Then we will put a game plan together going forward. Regardless at this stage, rather it was Flagler or Columbus State we knew that it would be a good game. We need to be recovering this week and to get mentally and physically prepared. Again, we are not traveling we are at home on Friday which is massive. So, we know exactly where we are playing and who we are playing. It is just a matter of the next few hours enjoying this and then tomorrow we will regroup. We are going to have a plan in place leading up to Friday's games.

Question 6: What does it mean that you had a lot of players contribute in today's game?

Duffy: It's massive, just to be able to do it. I know that a lot of teams concentrate on Lauren Wade and then Magda Mosengo pops up today and scores two goals. We work on that a lot getting down the line and pulling that dangerous ball across. It was a super finish. A lot of girls were able to get in and it's important going forward that we can focus on the game on Friday. Hopefully everybody is fresh and ready to go.


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