2017 Southeast Region Postgame Press Conference Transcriptions

JEFFERSON CITY, Tenn. – Queens (N.C.) head coach Denise Brolly along with junior forward Charlotte Ring and UNC Pembroke head coach Lars Anderson address the media after the Roayls' 1-0 overtime victory in Friday's Southeast Regional matchup.

Brolly Opening Statement: "It was a good one. It was a good one. I thought we played well, especially in the first half. We showed the quality that we do have. Second half got a little bit tougher, but we showed great strength to come through. I think, if I'm being honest, I think we deserved to win in the end."

What did you think about the team's ability to hang around in this game?

Brolly: "I'm proud of them. You know, we've came a long way over the course of the season, but just for them to hang tight, especially after such a disappointing last match that we had. So, it shows the strength and the courage that we have, but we were patient. We were hoping it would come but were unsure. We created so many chances in the first half, but were fortunate enough to get the set piece at the end."

First NCAA Tournament win, what does it mean to you to get it in this fashion?

Ring: "I mean, I came in as a freshman with a goal of going to the NCAAs and it took me three years, but I think it really shows how Coach Brolly has turned around this program and has helped us to reach another level. I think we have just enjoyed the game so much this season, and all of us, the girls just really deserve this."

What did you see in the situation for Thea Mallet's game-winner?

Ring: "I know Thea very well and I know she would step up and she would shoot that and it would go in. Like, as soon as she stepped up to the ball, hit it, that's what she does. She's a quality player and that's what we really value in her."

What did you think of Mallet stepping up for the shot to send the team to the next round?

Brolly: "Well, I know Thea, obviously was a left-footed player, so Thea and I, we kind of see the game through the same eyes. So, as she's stepping up, it was a tough angle for a left-footed player. So, the only way it was going to go in was if she drove it, stray the keeper and that's exactly what she did. I think over the wall, as well, so I think a phenomenal free kick, especially from a left-footed kicker."

What does the team need to do to get a good result this time around against Carson-Newman?

Ring: "Well, we played them at the very beginning of the season, I think we've grown incredibly over the course of this season, and I think that we're ready for this challenge – finally taking on a team that can play really good soccer and I think we're really excited."

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