Thomas Collins
Thomas Collins
Title: Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach
Phone: 865-748-7295
Year: Second Year

Collins is in his second year as a strength and conditioning coach at Carson-Newman. 

A product of Fulton High School in Knoxville, Tenn., Collins graduated in 2005. Upon graduation Collins joined the Marine Corps Infantry and served from January 2006-January 2010. During this time he did two combat deployments to Iraq. Physical conditioning was a way of life for him and his Marines. It was his experience in the Marines that led him to the realization that strength and conditioning was his passion.  

After completing his four years of active duty, Collins worked at Johnny Long's Training Academy in Knoxville for four years. During his time at JLTA, Collins was fortunate enough to work with countless high school, collegiate and professional athletes. In 2014, Collins and his wife Victoria moved to Albuquerque, N.M. Collins became a licensed medical massage therapist and a certified sports performance coach. In 2016, Collins moved back to Knoxville to join Coach Long at Carson Newman.

Collins has multiple personal training certifications, a sports performance certification, medical massage therapy licenses, and finished a degree from Carson-Newman in May 2018.

TCollins' experience in the Marine Corps has created a unique approach to his training philosophy. He has combined scientifically backed progressive programming with the high intensity, high stress teambuilding training found in the Marine Corps. This combination creates the perfect environment for athletes to maximize individual potential, as well as improving teamwork and comradery.